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We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance car parts, which consists of Water to Air Intercooler, Air to Air Intercooler, Silicone Hose, Alloy Wheels & Tyres, Aluminum Pipes, Turbo System for many brands.

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Established in 2008, ACS Motorsport Company has acquired reputation and acknowledgment for offering modified car parts in China. ACS Motorsport is further categorized into a wholesale distribution company, which enables the buyers across the country to buy modified car parts from it in bulk at a reduced price. The business operates via its modern offices, and it also facilitates a stocked warehouse, which is endowed with supplying car parts and car supplies to its consumers.

Water to Air Intercooler


Air to Air Intercooler

Intercooler Kits

Oil Cooler

Aluminum Pipes

Alloy Wheels & Tyres


For the ultimate ride – everything you need for a complete suspension upgrade.


Exhausts – awesome range of back boxes and complete systems


Brakes & Clutches – top of the range high performance systems


Tuning & Performance – boosting vehicle performance to a new level

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Can I repair corroded alloy wheels?

Can I repair corroded alloy wheels?

Introduction Alloy wheels can add to the visual appeal of your car and make it stand out. However, corroded, and damaged alloy wheels can make your car look ugly too. You should take care of your alloy wheels to maintain them in good condition. You can follow the...

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