Intercoolers are used by turbocharged or supercharged vehicles for cooling down the compressed air from the car engine. An intercooler actually works like a radiator for exchanging the heat that is generated. If you want your engine to run efficiently, you would require an intercooler that is superior in form and which runs quite well. Ensure that your turbocharger comprises of an intercooler that is functioning optimally, so as to be assured of optimum performance. You can find plenty of variables that lead to a variation in intercooler costs.

A water to air intercooler happens to be a type of intercooler in which heat exchange happens between air and water. Water is pumped via the intercooler system, so that there is a transfer of heat to the water from your charge pipes. It is possible to mount this kind of system anywhere. You only need to have water plumbed to this kind of system.

What Does the Cost of Water to Air Intercooler Depend On?

It is determined by many factors, prime of which include:

Your car

The cost of new intercooler greatly varies on the basis of the make, model and year of manufacturing of your car. It could cost only 100USD for some vehicles while for a few more high-end vehicles, you might have to pay more than 1000 USD. You need to get in touch with a certified mechanic and have a consultation in order to know about the exact costs of intercoolers that are involved.

It can be a good idea to buy the different parts of an intercooler and have them assembled by a mechanic. This can help you to save money. Call a certified mechanic and ask him about the number of parts that would be exactly required for the job. Obtain a proper estimate. Search online and look for the part numbers. Purchase the components at the same cost that your mechanic buys them for. It can help you avoid mark-up and make big savings. Once the parts are delivered, you can simply take them to the certified mechanic and get them installed. In this way, the labor costs are just what you have to pay for.

Intercooler brand

The brand that you choose to buy from will also have an impact on the price of an intercooler. Pricing tends to vary widely across brands, and you will have to pay a premium for more expensive brands. Keep in mind that a higher cost does not always stand as a guarantee for quality, and some of the more affordable brands are equally good to go for. You just have to invest some time and go through reviews to be able to find out about the brands that offer high quality intercooler models at more competitive prices.

Source of purchase

The cost also depends on where you are buying the intercooler from. It is a good idea to compare the cost of various intercoolers, and look at different sources. The price tag is likely to be higher at brick and mortar stores than online stores, which have less overhead costs and no staffing expenses to bear. Thus, you can expect the savings to be passed on to you, and have more competitively priced intercoolers.

To be able to get the best intercooler which can fit your vehicle at a competitive cost, use the Model no, Make and Year of manufacturing of your vehicle. It is better for you as a consumer to get an intercooler that comes with the promise of industry leading warranty and an offer of Free Shipping.

Search online and use comparison shopping engines to get quotes displayed for the same intercooler models from various stores. Choose one that is more affordable to buy from, and you can save big money in the process.

Shipping costs

Keep in mind that the purchase cost of the intercooler is not all that you have to pay. The overall pricing would be higher when you consider buying the unit from a store that is distant to your location. If the warehouse is far from your home, you would be expected to pay for the shipping costs as well. In that case, you have to add that cost over the purchase price, and pay the total. It is important to do this basic calculation before you place an order for an intercooler unit.

It is well know that the price of an intercooler can vary by car. You can find that the size of the car can have a big impact on the unit price. When you buy one of a proper size for your car after enough research, you can get an intercooler at a more budget price. It will also help you to get a unit that is better in terms of overall quality.