Alloy wheels can be wonderful additions to almost any car out there, for cosmetic as well as functional reasons. These are lighter in weight, although these have a higher level of strength as compared to wheels of steel, and improve fuel efficiency by 2 – 3 %. These are heat conductive wheels that have improved braking ability. Price happens to be a major factor when you are going for these types of wheels. There are quite a few vital factors that the price of these wheels depend on.

Rim Size

This is also referred to as Wheel Size, and is one of the biggest factors that alloy wheel costs depend on. As you may understand, the bigger the size is, the higher is the cost. You can choose the rims that match your style and budget the best. It is possible to get wheels in various styles and sizes. The wheel size has a big impact on how the wheels perform. Bigger wheels are designed to fight uneven surfaces, and do not get damaged due to any off-road maneuvers. On the other hand, smaller wheels are styled particularly for street driving of a receptive style and can make your car come lower to the surface of the ground.

Alloy wheels which are forged happen to be especially light in weight. These are very long lasting, and are used on luxurious, high end vehicles because of the expenses that are involved. Those with cast rims have a more realistic price tag, and these are the regular choice for lots of vehicle owners. People who drive sports car opt for forged alloy wheels, due to the properties of lightness. However, when alloy wheels are fitted to any vehicle, these can improve the way it looks.


The brand that you are buying from, as well as the quality of the wheels, also plays a major factor. Wheels that are available from brands like Konig, Volk Racing, 5Zigen, BBS, Weld, Motegi Racing Performance, American Racing and Panthers come at a higher cost. Beware of fake or counterfeit companies that sell similar wheels at a lower cost, which are made in countries like China, and are inferior in quality. You can place orders directly at the websites of the manufacturers themselves.

Those from reputed brands are costlier, as you can expect, but these also come with the assurance of better quality and durability. However, although you can save more with less famous brands, it is important for you to realize that money is nothing where your safety as well as that of your loved ones is concerned.

Spoke number and design

Wheels with a better design and more number of spokes are also better as well as pricier options to go for. While most car owners opt for alloy wheels due to their style, you have to know that the more stylish ones come at a premium. There are various styles that you can get these wheels in. Some of these are chrome covered, while others are more polished. Others come with more attractive spoke designs that help make the body style of a vehicle more prominent.

Prior to purchase, you have to ensure that the bolt pattern and offset of the rims are compatible with the car. There is a major difference across cars, and there is always the risk that the wheels that you like to choose do not fit with your car. Check the load rating of the wheel, and make sure that it is appropriate for your car. Look for alloy wheels that are constructed out of forged aluminum. Or go for the ones that have been cast under lower pressure. These types of wheels can last for more time, and have much less weight as compared to steel wheels. If you are in doubt, have a consultation with your wheel retailer. He can provide you with the best advice, and can aid you in looking for the right wheel set for your vehicle.

Shipping Costs

You also have to consider whether the company that you are placing orders with will also charge shipping costs over and above the wheel price. If that is not the case, how much is the shipping cost going to be. Where would the wheels be shipped to? Is the company manufacturing the wheels in the same or a different state? In case of the former, sales taxes would be applicable. You have to enquire the salesman how long your new wheels would take to arrive. In case you are ordering a custom wheel, designed to your own specifications and needs, it might take a few months for you to receive them. This is essential to consider, given that you will not like to have your car spread in parts for a long time, denying you the enjoyment of rides.