As far as piping material for compressed air systems are concerned, there are various types of materials that engineers can pick from. These include copper, plastic, stainless steel, black iron, galvanized steel and more. In the recent times, however, a significantly better option has emerged in the form of aluminum piping. It is the material of choice for many contractors, engineering firms and architects. Today, Aluminum pipes are widely used in many industries and sectors.

What is Aluminum Pipe?

This is a lightweight pipe that is made of aluminum. Aluminum piping, in the last few years, has become a wonderful substitute for other types of piping materials that are used in compressed air systems. There are plenty of advantages when you use aluminum piping during the installation of a compressed air system.

It is easy to find Aluminum alloy pipes and tubes being used widely in various applications, such as military, aviation, furniture, consumer goods, transportation, advertising, sports equipment, electronics, machinery, manufacturing, irrigation and construction. It is the choice for many contractors, engineering firms and architects.

OD:76mm/3″ length 600mm aluminum intercooler piping kit

What Are Aluminum Pipes Used For?

These have varied uses:

Interior Decoration and Furnishing

Aluminum pipes are used for interior furnishings. Generally, things are made out of wrought iron from bedside tables and canopy beds. Aluminum tubes, however, happen to be a lightweight option and can provide rooms with a futuristic feel. Various types of fasteners are offered to tubing of threaded types.

This type of pipe can be modified and set up with ease, which is particularly the opposite of what happens in case of steel and copper pipes. As aluminum pipes are sold ready to be used, it is possibe to save a lot of labor expenses as well as other costs, given that there is no need for any special type of tool. These pipes are perfectly calibrated and the diameter is kept in check, so that users can connect the parts quickly and also have secure fittings.


A machined part, Aluminum Pipe is used widely for all kinds of industrial projects in which corrosion resistant, lightweight material are needed. You can find this type of piping material printed in 6063-T6 as well as 6061-T6. However, as compared to 6061, the texture of 6063 is also of a smoother type. It is also more easily bendable.

These are corrosion resistant pipes. It is possible to lower the energy expenses, have improved quality of air and enjoy optimal air flow. This is unlike what happens in case of steel pipes which are found to develop rust very easily due to the buildup of moisture within the systems. Once there is corrosio, the air compressor has to work more and more to keep the pressure requirements of the system maintained well. It also has an impact on the quality of air, which means that it will be inappropriate for applications which need clean air. When you have a system with aluminum piping, it can be easier for you to satisfy ISO air quality standards – in case that is what the application demands.

90 Degree Elbow Aluminum Turbo Intercooler Pipe Tube Length 600mm OD:76mm/3″


Aluminum pipes are used mostly for different types of building or industrial projects. However, even homeowners are embracing the use of this type of piping more and more. These are modified a little to be used for common household projects. It is easy to see the surface treatments being carried out as the per the demands of the project that is being handled. It can even be customized, so as to satisfy the demands of use and sizing requirements.

Based on the use of the pipes, these can be polished, anodized, powder coated, sand blasted or even subjected to electrophoresis. These can be made in various lengths and diameters, in order to satisfy the needs of customers. It is also possible to get these in various shapes, such as round and square, as well as other special types of styles.


This type of piping does not have the need for any threading or soldering. Therefore, it is very convenient to assemble these systems. It can be even more convenient to make modifications to the pipes, if there is need for any that is. Threaded connections are more leakage prone and these leakages force the air compressors to run for more time and under more stress. This pushes up the utility expenses. Aluminum piping does not need any threading. Thus, you have to suffer minimal amount of leaks in the system. The utility expenses are also reduced due to this reason.

When you are in search of aluminum pipes, you have to consider the needs for the application. You also have to consider the material options that are available, so that you can choose a pipe that can serve your requirements quite well and unfailingly. Aluminum pipes are found to be quite dependable for different applications. Your manufacturer can guide you about pipes of the perfect size and style for your needs.