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Forced Induction: Turbochargers vs. Superchargers

Forced Induction 101: Turbochargers vs. Superchargers

In forced induction, two systems primarily make this possible: turbochargers and superchargers. Both differ greatly in how they generate the extra boost, which we’ll see in a bit. Let us know the difference between turbochargers and superchargers.

Silicone Hoses V.s Rubber Hoses (Pros and Cons you NEED to know!)

silicone hoses vs rubber

Silicone Hoses or Rubber Hoses? The absolute most basic materials used to create hoses incorporate silicone and rubber. We beforehand investigated the properties of silicone, and particularly why silicone is heat resistant. In view of these properties, silicone is presently progressively utilized for an assortment of purposes. In light of that, how about we make […]