Cheap Water To Air intercooler -Size 12″x11″x4.5″

Water To Air Intercooler

  • Overall size: 12″X11″X4.5″
  • Core size: 11″X6″X4.5″
  • NPT 1/2 Water Inlet Outlet
  • Two 3″ Air Inlet/Outlet

    Turbo Universal Water to Air Intercooler

    12x11x4.5 Inch Overall Size, NPT 1/2 Water Inlet Outlet, Two 3" Air Inlet/Outlet

    • Application
    • Universal, fits all cars and trucks.
    • 100% Brand New, Never Used or Installed
    • Cooling equals horsepower right? And if you have a turbo thats obviously what you are looking for. So why not buy a great intercooler at a great price. With 100% aluminum construction our intercoolers are lightweight and look great. With proven temperature drops these can create some of the highest horsepower per dollar! Also come with threaded tabs for easy installation. Available in in many sizes
    • Tested to withstand more then 80PSI Pressure
    • Hot Air Temperature: 32°F~302°F (0°C~150°C)
    • Exactly Same as the Photos
    • Professional Installer Is Highly Recommend(No Instruction Included)


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