Great Water To Air intercooler -Coer Size 9.7”x8.7”x9”


Water To Air Intercooler

  • Overall Size: 17.5”x12”x9” (442x306x228mm)Core Size: 9.7”x8.7”x9” (246x220x228mm)

    Inlet: 4″ Outlet: 4″


The inlet and outlet on this intercooler go directly through the intercooler; preventing the air from changing direction can result in better airflow.


100% Lightweight aluminum, No Epoxy Used In Core


Fin pitch is 21 fins/inch – 12.5 air side and 8.5 water side.


Recommended for up to 1500 CFM / 2000 HP

Pressure Drop: Less than 0.5 PSI. This is not a typo! Liquid/Air Intercoolers have incredibly low pressure drop.

Overall Size: 17.5”x12”x9” (442x306x228mm)

Core Size: 9.7”x8.7”x9” (246x220x228mm)

Inlet: 4″ Outlet: 4″

Maximum water/air pressure: 70 PSI