Best Water To Air intercooler -Coer Size 10.5″x6″x5″

Water To Air Intercooler

  • Inlet: 3.5″
  • Outlet: 3.5″
  • Overall Size: 15.5″x8″x6″ (394x205x152mm)
  • Core Size: 10.5″x6″x5″ (266x152x125mm)

    This impressive Liquid/Air intercooler is better than any FMIC.

    Similar in dimensions to a regular length of pipe, this intercooler provides the installation flexibility of a barrel-style water to air intercooler without the added cost and inefficiency.

    Almost all of the high-efficiency water to air intercoolers on the market have your intake air changing direction twice. These Long Flow models (along with our thru models) keep it going straight the whole time, meaning your turbo doesn't have to work as hard, with the net result of more potential power.

    100% Lightweight aluminum, No Epoxy Used In Core

    Fin pitch is 21 fins/inch - 12.5 air side and 8.5 water side.

    Recommended for up to 1200 CFM / 1200 HP

    Pressure Drop: Less than 0.2 PSI. This is not a typo! Liquid/Air Intercoolers have incredibly low pressure drop.

    Air Inlet/Outlet: 3.5"

    Water Inlet/Outlet: 3/4" NPT

    Maximum water/air pressure: 70 PSI

    Overall Size: 15.5"x8"x6" (394x205x152mm)

    Core Size: 10.5"x6"x5" (266x152x125mm)