Retail Air to Air Intercooler – Core Size: 450*300*76

Retail Universal Air to air intercooler (Core Size: 450*300*76 – Diameter: 3 inch – Weight: 7.1 kg) Air to air intercooler manufacturer & supplier


The best retail Air to air intercooler for sale!

MEDIUM UNIVERSAL ALLOY INTERCOOLER Ideal For Petrol Or Diesel Cars, Universal Alloy Intercooler Bar & Plate Design (Strongest & Best Performing).

The working of an intercooler is not much complex. Intercoolers are present at very front of the vehicles. They contain thin fins which guide the coming air.

The air from the compressor reaches the intercooler as hot air. There are thin pipes through which the air from the compressor travels.

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Weight 7.1 kg
Core Size





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