High Performance Oil Cooler 248x71x50


    The key feature on a Oil Cooler Kit is our adapter included a thermostat which is made from Japan.

    To maintain constant oil temp and quick engine warm up, a free flowing thermostat is incorporated inline on the oil block adapter for the standard type and on an external unit for the remote oil filter type.

    The valve is shut below 70 C (158 F) and smoothly opens completely at 80 C (176 F), to insure optimal oil temperatures.

    Oil Cooler Kits help prolong the life of your oil and your internal engine components. Hard driving causes higher engine temperatures,

    Oil coolers are an excellent addition, and are especially effective in harsh driving environments.

    Our systems also offer an internal (or external) thermostat (opening range 80℃ (176 F)) to allow for quick engine warm up.

    Excellent for Modified Street Vehicles, which are Driven Hardly with Minimal Track Use ,

    The item description was measured by hand, it could have 1-2 inches deviation.

    Additional information

    Weight1.4 kg
    Dimensions380 × 120 × 90 cm
    Core Size