Air to Air Intercooler for 2013+ Ford Fiesta ST 25% OFF


“Direct-fit for the 2013+ Ford Fiesta ST
26°F (15°C) reduction in AIT
51% increase in core size
25% increase in internal core volume & 226% increase in external fin surface area
Replaces Hot Side and Cold Side Intercooler Pipes and Couplers
Includes air diversion plates to direct air through the intercooler core for maximum efficiency
Stock location prevents airflow blockage to radiator and AC condenser
Tube and fin construction for added weight reduction over bar and plate cores
All-aluminium, TIG-welded
Available in Sleek Silver or Stealth Black or Bold Gold
Fits with the Mishimoto Fiesta ST Oil Cooler Kit
Intercooler Pipes Available in Wrinkle Black or Polished Finish
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty”

Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 630 × 180 × 100 cm
Core Size