Best Air to air intercooler core size 600*300*76mm 3″ Inlet & Outlet With One Side

Bar & Plate Construction

Core Size: 24″x12″x3″ (600x300x76mm)

Overall Size: 31″x12″x3″(810x370x150mm)

3″ Thick Core

3″ Inlet & Outlet, One Side

    Bar & Plate Construction

    Core Size: 24"x12"x3" (600x300x76mm)

    Overall Size: 31"x12"x3" (810x370x150mm)

    3" Thick Core

    3" Inlet & Outlet, One Side•

    Made of high quality T-6061 aluminum durable material

    • High performance bar and plate turbo racing design
    • Helps reducing engine inlet temperature
    • Allow more horsepower at the same boost level and even more power at the higher boost level
    • Direct bolt-on installation; easy to install


    Compress Air Flow Rate: <700Cubic Feet/Min, Rated to 600-700 Max HP


    Working Pressure: 5~50PSI

    Pressure Drop:2~5psi@35psi; 0.2~0.5psi@15psi

    Hot Air Temperature: 32°F~302°F (0°C~150°C)

    Material: 100% Aluminum, Bar and Plate Design, Polished

    Construction: Machine Cut and Stamped, Hand Welded

    When the charged air enters the end tank, it travels through the tubes of an Intercooler, in which the heat is transferred via fins, where cooler ambient air passes over the tubes. This mechanism further removes heat from air before exiting the opposite end tank and routing to the engine.

    Bar and Plate Intercooler functions identically to the Tube and Fin Core, with the exception that, charged air travels through its rectangular shaped passages, which have more surface area; thus, improves cooling effect and power of the charged air. The advantage of this type of intercoolers is that, since the bar and plate core affords up to 35% larger surface area for cooling, a physically smaller intercooler can be used and still retains the cooling efficiency of a larger tube and fin design. This is important for a builder who has a vehicle with a compact opening in the front of it or when there are immovable obstructions present.


    One Universal Intercooler



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