OE No.

    Volkswagen: 06B 905 115D
    Volkswagen: 06B905115 06B905115
    Volkswagen: 06B905115E 06B905115E
    Volkswagen: 06B905155E 06B905155E


    Shanghai Volkswagen - Passat
    Old Passat B5 1.8L four-gear automatic/five-gear manual (2000-2009) Dosage 4 engine models: ANQ;
    1.8T five-gear manual/five-gear self-integrated/six-gear self-integrated (2006-2012) dosage: 4. Engine type: BGC,CED;
    Shanghai Volkswagen - Touran
    1.8T five-stop manual/six-stop self-integrated (2004-2015) dosage: 4. Engine type: BPL,CFU;
    Imported Audi A4
    2.0-L five-block hand self-integration (2001-2005) dosage of 4. Engine type: AWT,BES,BFB;
    2.5T six-gear manual/continuously variable speed (2001-2005) with 6.
    2.5T five-block hand self-integration (2001-2005) dosage: 6.
    Audi TT imported
    1.8T six-gear manual (2003-2006) dosage 4. Engine type: AMB, AVJ, BFB, BEX, AUM, AUQ, ARY, the BFV and BVP, BVR;
    Imported Audi -A4 Avant
    2.0L five-gear Manual/Continuously Variable Transmission (2005-2008)
    1.8T CVT / 5-gear Manual / 6-gear Manual (2005-2008)
    Imported Audi -A6
    1.8T Five-gear Manual/Continuously Variable Transmission (2002-2005)
    2.7T six-gear manual (2002-2005) Engine Model: BES;
    2.7T five-gear self-integrated (2002-2005) Engine Model: BES;
    Imported Audi S4
    1.8T Continuously Variable Speed (2001-2005)
    Faw Audi A4
    B7 1.8T five-gear manual/five-gear manual/continuously variable speed (2006-2009) Dosage 4 engine models: BKB;
    B6 1.8T continuously variable speed (2003-2005) dosage 4 engine models: BFB;
    Faw Audi -A6
    1.8T five-block hand self-integration (2000-2005) dosage of 4
    1.8L five-gear manual (2000-2005) dosage 4
    Faw-volkswagen - Sagitar
    Old Sagitar 1.8TSI six-gear self-integrated/five-gear manual (2006-2012) dosage of 4. Engine type: BPL;
    Old Sagitar 1.8T six-gear self-integrated/five-gear manual (2006-2012) dosage of 4, including 1; Engine type: BPL;
    Faw-volkswagen - Bora
    Old Bora 1.8T five-gear manual/four-gear automatic (2001-2006) dosage 4. Engine type: BAE,BPL;
    Imported Volkswagen - Golf
    1.8T four-gear automatic/five-gear manual (1997-2003) dosage: 4.
    Imported Volkswagen - Sharan
    1.8T six-gear manual (2003-2005) dosage 4.
    1.8T five-stop hand self-integrated/five-stop hand self-integrated/six-stop manual (2006-2008) dosage: 4
    1.8T five-gear manual self-integrated/six-gear manual (2001-2002) dosage: 4
    1.8T five-stop manual self-integrated/six-stop manual (2009-2010) dosage: 4
    Imported Volkswagen. - Beetle
    1.8L four-gear automatic/five-gear manual (1999-2001) dosage: 4
    1.8L four-gear automatic/(five-gear manual/six-gear manual/six-gear self-integrated /2 six-gear manual (2002-2005) dosage 4
    1.8T four-gear automatic/five-gear manual/six-gear self-integrated (2006-2011) dosage: 4
    Beetle Convertible 1.8L 5-gear manual / 6-gear self-integrated (2003-2005) with 4 units. Engine type: AWU,BKF;
    Beetle Convertible 1.8L five-gear Manual (2006-2010) available in 4 engine models: AWU;
    1.8T five-gear Manual (2002-2005)