If you want to smoke weed and do not have a smoking pipe, you can make one by using aluminum foil. It is easy and cost-effective to make a smoking pipe from aluminum foil.

Step Wise Guide for Making a Pipe

You should follow the below-mentioned steps for making a pipe:

  • The first step is to get a large aluminum foil measuring at least 12-inches. You should ensure that the foil is clean and not degraded by water or any other form of moisture. The foil should also be wrinkle-free if possible, to get the best results.
  • Place the foil on a clean flat surface and fold it lengthways three times. Once done, this should give you a shape resembling a square with 3 layers of metal overlapping.
  • Take the longest edges of the foil and fold it inwards to give it the shape of a tube. The roll should be of the same width as your finger. If it is wider, it will be difficult to fit in your mouth. Any smaller, it can block the airflow and make it difficult to smoke.
  • Once you roll up the foil, find the edges, and apply a little moisture or pressure to hold it together. As aluminum foil is flexible, this step may not be needed always.
  • The next step is to make the bowl of the pipe. Just grab the widest edge of the pipe and twist it into a bowl shape before adjusting it. You may also consider putting a toothpick at the end of the tube to ensure better airflow.

Other Considerations

Now that your aluminum pipe is ready, you can try smoking from it.

If you feel too much hesitation while smoking, you can untwist the pipe otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the weed once it is ready. Another issue with using an aluminum pipe is that it heats up quickly.

You can feel uncomfortable and hot lips while using it. You can overcome this problem by taking another foil and shape it like a mouthpiece that will slide over the open end of the pipe. It is also recommended to use this pipe only once and not reuse it. The foil may be lined with chemicals and repeated use may release those chemicals into your lungs and harm them.

You are now ready to enjoy smoking using your newly made aluminum pipe.