Painting your alloy rims need not be a complex and costly affair. You can paint the rims on your own to get a dashing look at a minimal cost. The process for painting alloy rims on your car flat black is as follows:

Decide Where to Paint

Find a suitable place to paint your car’s wheels. As far as possible, try to paint in a closed space that is free from wind and pollen. However, ensure that the location is well-ventilated. If it is a clear and still day, then you can paint outside too, provided the pollen count is low.

Remove the Wheels

Remove the wheels from your car. This is needed for cleaning and painting it. If you try to paint the rims with the wheels on the car, then you may get the paint running and get poor coverage.

Clean the Wheels

Clean your wheels using good quality soap or degreaser mix. Spray the degreaser on all surfaces of the wheel. Rinse thoroughly with water to get rid of all dirt and contaminants. After washing, use a wire brush to clean the paint chips and rust. Follow this by sanding the wheel with 300-grit sandpaper and then with 120-grit sandpaper. Follow up the wheel surface with steel wool after sanding to get a smooth surface for painting.

Protect from Overspray

You need to protect your tyre valves from overspray while painting. You can use a painter’s tape to protect from overspray. Start by taping the edge of the tyres with painter’s tape. Place the painter’s tape between the wheel and the tyre. Use one more round of painter’s tape to secure the plastic over the tyre. Place the wheel on a tarp or newspapers to protect the nearby area from overspray.  

Apply the Paint

Start by putting a coat of primer on the rims. Let the first primer coat dries, apply 2-3 primer coats for best paint adhesion. The primer prepares a smooth surface for the paint and prevents rust. Once the primer coats are done, start by spraying the first paint coat. Read the instructions on the paint can for maintaining safe distance while spraying. Avoid holding the can too close to the wheels as it will cause the paint to run. Apply the second paint coat after the first coat dries.

Once the paint dries, remove the overprotection and install the wheel back. Your black wheels are ready to roll.