Aluminum pipes & tubes are available for use since 1841. You may wonder how to create aluminum pipes. This metal is known for its resilience & versatility. The United States alone is credited with producing over half a billion pieces annually.

Aluminum pipe/tube creation steps

Aluminum tube & pipe manufacturer is said to begin with an aluminum blank or slug. Then it is fed within a toolset in the die that is then extruded. Such an extrusion press tends to form roughly a completed pipe/tube.

The next step to follow is to have the tube trimmed to the specified length. This should be undertaken on both the bottom & top ends. The tube/pipe at this stage is threaded, thus enabling you to screw its cap. Aluminum gets work-hardened at the time of extrusion. Hence, while carrying out the next step, it becomes essential to pass this metal through a particular procedure. This is to enhance the malleability feature of aluminum, something achieved at around 460 degrees centigrade.

Straight Aluminum Turbo Intercooler Pipe Tube Length 450mm OD:76mm/3″

Then, the spray is applied to the internal lining. It is used mainly by the pharmaceutical industry. With this act, metal sensitive products like between exposed pharmaceutical and aluminum or other products that need packing can be safeguarded.

In case, an internal coating is not done on the pipe, then it is likely to bypass the internal lining step. It will also move onto the next step considered to be the base coat coater rolling onto the tube. The tube is then prepared with this coat for offset printing application. Then the base coat is cured & put into the printing machine. This is to place customer-specified copy & colors. Moreover, you can check out such tubes that are detailed for varied clients desiring different interesting & exciting decorative options.

For some products, the tubes/pipes may require fold sealant. This is to create a barrier to avoid product seepage from the tube/pipe’s folded end. Capping operation is the aluminum pipe/tube’s final production step. Generally, the client specifies the cap & style types according to their preferences & requirements. There are four different materials primarily used like low, medium & high-density polyethylene & polypropylene. It is for cap material that these products are used.

Then the tubes/pipes are thoroughly checked and packed in boxes. They are next inspected & loaded carefully on skids or cartons for final shipment.

The above process clearly explains the different steps involved in the creation of aluminum tubes/pipes.

180 Degree Elbow Aluminum Turbo Intercooler Pipe Tube Length 450mm OD:63.5/2.5″
180 Degree Elbow Aluminum Turbo Intercooler Pipe Tube Length 450mm OD:63.5/2.5″