Aluminum pipes are used a lot for the fact that these are light in weight, durable and have a sleek look. These cost less and can also be transported more easily over long distances, which makes them cost-efficient to ship and use. These are a wonderful and popular choice in the construction of outdoor as well as indoor railings. Corrosion resistant and strong, these pipes come at varied prices. The cost usually depends on many factors.


The brand or manufacturer that you are buying the pipes from has a major impact on the pricing of the same. You would like to go for a manufacturer that is known to sell these pipes at a more affordable cost. Keep in mind that some brands tend to overprice their orders while others have a more realistic pricing. You have to look for one that is known to offer pipes of high quality at a competitive cost. Generally, those from more reputed brands come at a premium, but you can be more or less assured about the quality.


The size of the pipes is another major variable that the cost of aluminum pipes depends on. You have to pay more for those of more thickness and a bigger diameter. The price is more affordable for thinner pipes, although you have to consider whether thin pipes would serve the purpose that you have in mind. If it comes to mere indoor decoration, i.e. only for decorative purposes, it makes more sense to opt for thin sized pipes. These can be a more affordable and practical option. If you need them to be used for railings that would be needed for support, go for thicker and more durable aluminum pipes.

45 Degree Elbow Aluminum Turbo Intercooler Pipe Tube Length 450mm OD:63.5mm/2.5″


The length of pipe being used is another important determinant. The longer the pipe that you need the more the price tag will be. Longer pipes of a superior quality will need you to pay more and you might have to place a special order to get them. However, if you are ready for it, obtain aluminum pipes in the kind of length that you wish. Keep in mind that you need to make proper considerations and use some simple mathematics to find out how long should be the pipes that you would need.

Time constraints

If your project is a laborious one, or you need it to be finished faster, the costs would undoubtedly be higher. The contractor would charge more from you, and you can expect the work to be finished at least two times faster. It is important for you to note that a licensed supplier cum contractor would charge more from you for the services, but you can be assured of the quality of the pipes and expect these to last for a long time to come. An unlicensed one mightbe more affordable for your pockets, but you cannot be quite sure of whether the services would be good.

90 Degree Elbow Aluminum Turbo Intercooler Pipe Tube Length 450mm OD:76mm/3″


You have to also understand that the cost of pipes also depends on how many pipes you actually need for the project. By far, this is the biggest thing that you need to consider when you have to order pipes to be used for your project. This is of course pretty basic math, and you can talk to a contractor to get a fair idea about what will be a realistic estimate for the project – whether construction, decoration or anything else, that you wish to be undertaken. Keep in mind that you can reduce your expenses on buying aluminum pipes when you place wholesale orders.


Your geographical location, or the place that you stay in, can also have a big impact on the cost of your aluminum pipes. It can be costlier to buy these in a big city than it would be in a smaller town. However, if you are staying in a remote place and have to pay for shipping costs, the expenses would be more. The more the distance that the pipes have to be transported over, the higher the price would be. It is important to do your homework and check whether there is a local contractor who might have aluminum pipes in his stock, before you place orders with a supplier from a huge metropolis that is far away from your place. You might have to end up paying much extra simply due to your zip code.

Time of the year

The cost of aluminum pipes also depends on the season that you are placing your orders in. Most suppliers tend to charge more during the winter season. The companies also tend to charge more in case you stay in a too crowded or busy area. Thus, the time and place play a big role in determining the cost of the pipes that you need.