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Air to air intercooler
core size 450*300*76mm 2.5″ Inlet & Outlet

What is an intercooler?

 An intercooler is a device that is used to keep the air cooler before it gets into the engine. It has multiple methods of working. An intercooler is mostly fitted in front of the vehicles to get as much exposure as possible.

Intercoolers are not used in every vehicle out there. Cars having a turbo or supercharged engines need intercoolers.

Why is intercooler needed?

 We know that the car engine works better when it is provided with more air thrust. Intercoolers are used for exactly the same purpose.

Air getting out of the compressor is hot and is dense to some extent. An intercooler makes it possible that the air coming out of a compressor gets cooler before it gets into the engine. So it makes the air cooler and as a result, air also gets denser. The denser the air, the better it is.

A dense air will provide the engine with more volumetric air to generate more power as a result. The need of an intercooler is sheer in the sports cars and those vehicles which generate a lot of power.

9352 dej intercooler 2

Dej Kom Cua intercooler -Size 12 "x11" x4.5 "

Astra intercooler khoom siv

Dub Intercooler khoom siv Kev muag Astra VXR Z20LEH 2.0T

How does Intercooler work?

The working of an intercooler is not much complex. Intercoolers are present at very front of the vehicles. They contain thin fins which guide the coming air. The air from the compressor reaches the intercooler as hot air. There are thin pipes through which the air from the compressor travels.

The outer air, which strikes the intercooler with high speed due to the speed of a car, produces a cooling effect on pipes. This effect makes the inner air cooler and denser than it was before reaching the intercooler.

Two main types of intercoolers

As a result, the engine is able to breathe in a lot more volume of dense air and thus produce extra power which results in higher top speed. The larger the surface area of the intercooler, the more effective it is for the job. Intercoolers are widely used nowadays by high power cars and other vehicles. There are two main types of intercoolers:

Air-to-air intercooler


An air to air intercooler uses the air as a cooling agent. Air from outside makes the inside air, cooler and denser. These intercoolers are more widely used than the other ones.

Water-to-air intercooler

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These intercoolers use water as an agent to keep the air from a compressor cool. Water is taken to the pipes containing compressed air and the heat from the pipes is transferred into the liquid outside. These intercoolers are much similar to a radiator and are not much widely used.