Alloy wheels can add to the visual appeal of your car and make it stand out. However, corroded, and damaged alloy wheels can make your car look ugly too. You should take care of your alloy wheels to maintain them in good condition. You can follow the below-mentioned steps for repairing corroded alloy wheels:

Rinse the Wheels Thoroughly

The first step towards repairing corroded alloy wheels is to rinse them thoroughly with water. You should focus more on areas between the spokes to remove dirt and grime. Clean the corroded area completely.

Dry After Washing

Use a soft and clean microfiber cloth to dry the wheels. Scrub the wheels thoroughly with the cloth till the wheels are completely dry. Never allow the wheels to air dry as it can cause spots to appear.

Remove Oxidation

Use a good quality aluminum polish pre-cleaner on the wheels. Apply it generously on the corroded parts. Let the cleaner sit on the wheels for nearly 10 minutes. Use a soft wheel brush to scrub the wheels gently. It is important to scrub in a circular motion while focusing mostly on the corroded areas.  

Sanding the Wheel

The next step is sanding the wheel. Soak the corroded parts in water and begin sanding it vigorously with a 40 or 60-grit sandpaper. You should scrub the wheel from side to side by applying pressure. You should continue sanding the wheels till you see the small holes created by oxidation (pitting) begin to disappear.

Once the small holes start to fade, switch to finer sandpaper. Use 240-grit sandpaper and continue sanding side to side of the wheels. This process should continue until you see a visible difference in the visibility of pitting. Switch to 400-grit sandpaper and continue sanding till the pitting is not visible at all. When using a finer sandpaper, you can apply as much pressure as possible without worrying about damaging the wheel.

Apply Wheel Wax to Prevent Oxidation

The final step is to apply a good quality wheel wax and rub it into the wheels in a circular motion. Use a clean microfiber cloth or scrubbing pad to buff the wheel wax. You should apply the wheel wax generously and spread it evenly across the wheel’s surface. Wax will help to provide nice gloss to the wheels and also protect them from dirt, grime, and rust