Many custom-made vehicles and vehicle industries have been upgrading their cooling systems to the Intercooler (Water to Air) cooling system which is a new protégé for cooling systems in advanced vehicles.

We will explain everything you need to know about water to air intercooler for BMW F8X M3/M4, such as cooling interface, multiple air dividers, monitoring of internal systems, fitting and 3D technology, plug & play. We also talk about how to take care of a water to air intercooler after you purchase it.

Although the system is really advanced and is not used for ordinary purposes, yet many auto industries have upgraded their cooling systems accordingly especially the new BMW F8X M3/M4 sedan. Which is the luxurious statement itself have been using this water to air intercooler design? There comes large amounts of benefits, challenges and other specific requirements regarding this aesthetic piece of technology. So, just to get your head around things a little, let us have a brief explanation of the Intercoolers, what they do? And how they can be beneficial for you.

And then we will come for this unique product for BMW F8X M3/M4, without further ado let us dive right in;

What is an intercooler

An intercooler is referred towards any mechanical device which can cool a fluid using another superficial fluid or gas (Air). The main function of an intercooler is to remove the excessive heat from the system and make the processed or filtered air more humid and more cooling.

Working Mechanism

An intercooler basically works over a simple mechanism which is the compression of the gases. The gases (Hot Air) is forcefully induced into the intercooler which is mounted over a turbocharged or supercharged vehicle. It basically increases the volumetric efficiency of the engines by taking in the extra air for cooling and other purposes.

  1. Turbocharged or supercharged engines provide the intercooler with steamy or hot air to the intercooler
  2. The intercooler cools down the compressed air by bringing down its temperature, for this reason, it can use other cool air or water sources.
  3. The compressed air is then cooled inside the intercooler and is available for recap inside the engine
  4. The temperature of the air gets dropped down, and its density is increased for better accommodation inside the vehicle’s engine
  5. This concept increases the shelf life of any engine by two folds especially vehicle which is designed for turbo speed tracks.

The advantages of using a water to air intercooler

There are many benefits associated with the water to air intercooler. It not only increases the efficiency of the engines but also provides on-time cooling solutions during turbo speeds, high-speed chases and many more. Here are a few realistic benefits associated with the water to air intercooler;

liquid to air intercooler

Incredibly low-pressure drops

The low-pressure drop is essential when we are talking about the intense cooling for the engine. A water to air intercooler is able to do so because the cooling medium is water. The pressure drop is sensed to be 20 times decreased by using this technology instead of any ordinary intercooler.

Advanced Engine cooling

During the pursuit or when in high turbo speed an engine needs abrupt and timely cooling mechanism, the liquid to air intercooler is able to provide it. With a water to air intercooler, you have many flexible cooling options. The cooled air won’t have to pass through the hot radiator making it warmer again and causing heating problems for you.

Better throttle response

A genuine intuition in any engine is the shutdown mechanism during the periods of stress or when an engine is too warm. A water to air intercooler allows for less mess of tubes and wires and can be incorporated anywhere between the engine and the throttle allowing for more room of air and increased throttle efficiency.

Minimum Heat Soak

A water to air intercooler uses water to cool the compressed air and it continues to move that cooled air to the core of the engine even when the car is not moving. It is especially beneficial for drag racing or cars used for high-speed actions. The cooling air does not allow for the core to get heated and thus only allowing space for minimum heat soak or sink.intercooler

No engine problems

For vehicles the mid-engine failure is the biggest challenge, but not when you are tempted to use the water to air intercooler, it provides better cooling solutions than any other intercooler. And the bonus point is that you can even have it installed on the back or near the radiator for excellent cooling.


Other benefits of the liquid to air intercooler includes;

  • Really good efficiency is provided by this intercooler, and it also means that the size of the intercooler can be smaller.
  • To provoke unrealistic (cooling) temperatures for the short time the efficiency can be increased abruptly using water to air intercooler. If you can use ice or other cooling agents then additional results can be procured.
  • It can be mounted anywhere even inside the radiation or another soft spot, it is also available as a plug and play system for various vehicles.

Water to air intercooler for BMW F8X M3/M4

Coming back to our professionally designed water to air intercooler for BMW F8X M3/M4 is an absolute piece of the technology. Of course, we have done many small changes inside the mechanical build, overall body and other internal systems, but the overall technology is really prominent and promising for the dedicated cooling task it has to perform. Here are various specifications and features of our version of water to air intercooler for BMW F8X M3/M4;

water to air intercooler for BMW M3

Specifications and Features

Best cooling interface

This water to air intercooler has been readily designed and optimally tested by us. The advanced cooling technology allows the driver to hit that extra mile with absolute speed and perfection.

Multiple Air Dividers

The use of multiple Air dividers allows the intercooler to charge the air into both hot/cool end tanks for the optimized airflow throughout the custom designed intercooler. It is also optimized and tested against various compliance tests and procedures.

Efficient monitoring of internal systems

The robust internal monitoring system of the intercooler allows the user to actively monitor for any mechanical error inside the water to air intercooler. It has dual vertical flow design for the cooling of air and consists of;

  • Left/right configuration
  • Cross-flow configuration
  • Dual-pass configuration

With the advanced 2-stage water cooling system for maximum efficiency and controlling the internal temperature of the systems.

Precise fitting and 3D technology

The overall body of the water to air intercooler for BMW F8X M3/M4 is crafted using the 3D technology along with assistive prototype technology to ensure the precise fitting of the intercooler inside the BMW F8X M3/M4 along with other models of the same franchise. This absolute fitting also allows for the maximum surface utilization as well.


Plug and Play

An advanced feature carried by this intercooler is the “Plug and Play” feature it does not need for the extra wiring or tubes to be incorporated between the engine and the intercooler. Just connect it alongside the radiator and have a fully equipped sensor and water connection inside the intercooler.


The last finishing is done by the “Crinkle black” powder coat finish for the luxurious paint finishing to match with the standard of a BMW F8X M3/M4. The custom powder coating options are also available for a raw aluminum finish or other designs.


The water to air intercooler for BMW F8X M3/M4 comes with a lifetime warranty; you are just to install the system and forget about it ever malfunctioning or working in a bizarre manner. Also, the liquid to air intercooler is designed, developed and tested according to our R&D (Research and Development) team.

water to air intercooler for BMW M4

Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you want efficient and strong cooling solutions for your newly purchased BMW F8X M3/M4 or any other custom-made vehicle then having a water to air intercooler is the best and the first line of defense. You get everything in just a tiny package and by investing a small amount of money in this piece if the technology you are also likely to increase the shelf life of your vehicle by two folds. Get this fantastic technology now and enjoy the benefits on the go.

How to take care of the water to air intercooler

Specific measures have to be taken into account while using the water to air intercoolers and for their proper management around the clock as well. Here are a few easy methods by which you can be sure of the sustainability of the intercooler you are using and to increase its potential over the time;

  • Proper fitting: The appropriate fitting of the intercooler is very much crucial without doing so the main function of cooling can’t be achieved. Also, take a great care dismantling and refitting the intercooler inside the vehicle otherwise it will not function properly, and there could be other complexities.water to air intercooler
  • Cleaning: The time to time cleaning of the water to air intercooler is very much necessary due to the oil and grease stains that embarks inside the cooling valves. The insulation of the oil can render the cooling mechanism drastically. That is why it should be cleaned using dedicated organic materials or water accordingly.
  • Turbo Timer: It is very essential that you give your vehicle 2-3 minutes of the rest before actively switching off the engine. You should warm up the vehicle before taking it out on the road and also systematically cool it down before shutting it off. If you fail to remember this then you should probably install a turbo timer for this task.
  • Maintenance: If some fatality arises and the intercooler seems out of sync or not giving its 100% even after you have periodically cleaned the device then it means that some parts have sustained heavy damage and they need to be changed or repaired effectively.

Things to consider when buying a water to air intercooler

There are various things which you should keep in mind before buying the intercooler, which kind you need according to your preference and what are the various buying options available in the market. Here is a basic outlet which will prepare you for this decision;

  • Cost Effective: Only buy those water to air intercoolers which seems cost-effective and are not going to pose any serious load over your budget at the end of the month. You can ask for simple working intercoolers for that purpose.
  • Complexity: Intercoolers can be as complex as it gets, that is why they often require various accessories to work with. Always go for the option which does not include any complexity inside the fitting, maintenance or working of the intercoolers.
  • Ultimate Driving needs: Water to air coolers are available in the market to sustain various needs of driving for the users. For some people interested in the hard driving or fast driving, an intercooler of small caliber is not an option. That is why always step up with your preferential needs and then come for a buying decision.

Advantages of using the aluminum for water to air intercooler

The intercooler piping can pose a serious undertaking for the technical working of the water to air intercoolers. Using stainless steel or aluminum for internal piping is the serious decision to make. Both have their own benefits and disadvantages. But the final verdict of many professionals falls in the court of aluminum, and these are the various reasons;

astra intercooler kits

astra intercooler kits

Heat Dispense

Aluminum can dispense the heat more rapidly than stainless steel or any other material. The reason being the build of the aluminum, it allows for better dissipation of heat other than steel or other materials. If you need instant cooling for your engines then you should use the aluminum at first hand.



Aluminum is rather cheap as compared to the other materials for the piping. If you need cheap materials for the production of the water to air intercooler, then aluminum is the way to go. It can cut down the cost to about 50-70%.

Better Maintenance

Aluminum is easy to maintain or repaired if found malfunctioning or during an accident. It is easy to weld or repair any possible prospects in its repairing. If you are looking for less expense on maintenance for the water to air intercoolers.