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Why Do Bigger Rims Increase the Consumption Of a Car?

Introduction Bigger rims are more popular among car owners. They add to the visual aesthetics of your car. However, are they the best bet for maintaining a fuel-efficient car? The current article analyzes why bigger rims increase the fuel consumption of a car:...

Why Are Alloy Car Wheels Mostly Five-Spoked?

Introduction You will find many choices in the alloy wheel market. They are available in different colors, sizes, and finishes. You will also notice that most alloy wheels in the market come with five spokes. This is due to the design superiority and...

What Does “Blacked-out Alloy Wheels” Mean?

ntroduction Black alloy wheels are perhaps the most popular wheels. You can notice that most of the alloy wheels in any parking lot will be blacked-out. They have been associated with muscular looks, sporty feel, and luxury by car owners globally. Why Blacked-Out...
Are Alloy Wheels More Fuel Efficient

Are Alloy Wheels More Fuel Efficient

ntroduction Alloy wheels can improve your car’s fuel efficiency. They are designed to be lightweight and have better aerodynamics than the regular steel wheels. The current article explores whether alloy wheels are more fuel-efficient. Impact on Fuel Efficiency Using...

How much do rims for a car cost?

How much do rims for a car cost?

A rim is an outer part of a wheel that plays an important role in holding a tire firmly. One of the primary concerns while buying a rim is the cost. This is because there are many factors which determine the prices of rims. Therefore, it is necessary to know more...

Why is aluminium alloy used in engine cylinder blocks?

Why is aluminium alloy used in engine cylinder blocks?

Aluminium is the most preferred alloy in an engine cylinder bock when compared to cast iron. This is because it provides more advantages to users. The notable one is the weight that can help avoid unwanted issues. Another thing is that it conducts heat must faster...

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