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Why Do Bigger Rims Increase the Consumption Of a Car?

Introduction Bigger rims are more popular among car owners. They add to the visual aesthetics of your car. However, are they the best bet for maintaining a fuel-efficient car? The current article analyzes why bigger rims increase the fuel consumption of a car:...

Why Are Alloy Car Wheels Mostly Five-Spoked?

Introduction You will find many choices in the alloy wheel market. They are available in different colors, sizes, and finishes. You will also notice that most alloy wheels in the market come with five spokes. This is due to the design superiority and...

What Does “Blacked-out Alloy Wheels” Mean?

ntroduction Black alloy wheels are perhaps the most popular wheels. You can notice that most of the alloy wheels in any parking lot will be blacked-out. They have been associated with muscular looks, sporty feel, and luxury by car owners globally. Why Blacked-Out...
Does Wheel Size Affect MPG?

Does Wheel Size Affect MPG?

Introduction Have you noticed that your car’s fuel efficiency is dwindling despite adhering to best driving practices and thorough car maintenance? You may want to relook at the tyres to get a solution. Most car drivers tend to prefer bigger and bulkier tyres for...

Can You Use an Oven Cleaner on Alloy Wheels?

Can You Use an Oven Cleaner on Alloy Wheels?

Introduction Alloy wheels are visually appealing and great to drive. However, they can be difficult to clean. Removing stubborn brake dust from alloy wheels can be challenging. Using an oven cleaner provides a quick and cost-effective way for cleaning alloy wheels....

Are Steel Rims Bad for Fuel Economy?

Are Steel Rims Bad for Fuel Economy?

Introduction Steel rims have been the tried and tested choice for car manufacturers. They are sturdy and long-lasting. However, they are not the best choice if you want a fuel-efficient vehicle. How steel rims impact fuel efficiency is discussed below: Heavier Weight...

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